Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What delayed my business expansion in UK?

Of late, I have had a different kind of experience. To be a successful businessman, one not only needs to be shrewd and good in mathematics. He should also be good in legal matters connected with his business. This I could wise up only when I was going to expand my business in UK. The legal matters related to registered office were known to me. And the result, I couldn’t launch my business there in the projected time.

I was sure that it will be okay if I use any address as registered office. But the law of land says that one can have it only in a legally valid place. So, I had to postpone my date of launching the business and manage an address in a prescribed place. Not only this, law also dictates that the name of the company should be displayed in front of the office and all the products or stationeries of the company must carry the address of the registered office on them.

So, if you are eyeing at opening business in UK, make sure that you have got an address in a legally valid place for registered office.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Registered Office : A Business Boon

I wanted to start a business of my own. This wasn't a piece of cake I could have anytime. I had heard of the legal obligation of having a registered office as registered with the Companies house, but I was never sure that it actually works wonders for the business.

Registered office address is the official address registered with the companies house, but it need not be in located in the place from where you run your business. You can actually run your business from your home itself. A registered address of a famous place helps you thus in improving the visibility of your business. This is because your target customers begin to identify your company name with the famous address, giving you advertisement in a feasible way.

This service of a registered office address is provided by many firms. Being a newcomer with a small business setup, I needed this publicity for my stationery products. Apart from this, it also took care of my official correspondence work. This was done through the complementary mail forwarding service by the address provider firm at a small charge.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Overseas Registered Office Sitting In Home

If you are eying at running a business in UK then you must have to have a valid address where all the official mails will be sent. This address is officially known as registered office. Now, if you may think that your business idea will nip in the bud because you have no idea of how to get such an office!

Don’t worry; I am not a wet blanket who wants to discourage your plan. Rather, I have important information on how to manage a registered office in UK. And that is also in an amazingly easy manner! For that all you have to do is to dedicate a little time and search the Internet.

The Internet is a hub of information and in case of registered office it will also not betray you. There are websites that provide information on how to get this type of office in UK without actually being there. So, you can gather and exchange information sitting in your home only.

These online service providers are credible enough. Yet, be careful about exchanging confidential information.